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New home & New Model Startpage

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1. New Home, new model start page

To give you more insights of how the new home and new model start page will look like, we have created an animation with short explanations. Please note the following:
  • The video is showing a development status, there might be smaller changes possible within the next weeks. However, you will get an overview of the general concepts.
  • Please do not share the video! There is no secret content for the D5, but we show the changes for our live websites - which will not be available until mid of June. So please handle it confidentially!
  • Regarding rollout process:
    o New model start page will be available after end-of-secrecy with relevant content through English master website (normal content process)
    o For the new home we need a specific rollout plan, which will be planned with each market individually. More information on that will be distributed as soon as possible.

2. System migration CQ to AEM / Timeline

In preparation for the migration I would like to bring up the link manager clearance topic! Brief reminder: please have a look and delete all short links, which are not needed anymore. In case you did that already – thanks a lot!!

Based on our planning for the system migration, there are consequences for the maintenance of your websites, especially for content editors.
Please be aware and consider the timings for your individual content planning!

Content freeze for migration period: 02. – 11.06.2017

o No content maintenance possible during that time!
o If there are any campaigns or pages planned to be live, please consider to start the activation process one week in advance.

Stabilization phase for new system AEM: 12. – 18.06.2017

o The week after our system migration, we need time to stabilize the new environment.
o Therefore, 100% content maintenance is not yet possible! Please only work on bigger changes as for example new model content for end of secrecy issues.
o Also, inform us if there are content changes necessary during that stabilization period.

Starting from 18.06.2017: normal content editing process is supposed to be possible again

o Content management system does look the same as it did before (it only changes from blue to green J)
o Functionalities stay the same, there are no changes to be expected
o User and password are supposed to work as they did before the migration. In case of any issues, please contact cms support for password reset:

Last but very important hint: the migration is only affecting maintenance for NeMo and NeMo light websites. For all other applications as for example mobile websites, dealer pages, etc. the content editing process will not change and there is no content freeze for those applications.